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Frequently asked questions

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An employment contract is entered into between us and the employee and then we provide a service to a third-party company called a client company. This contract may have different terms. It is a model similar to that used by ETTs in Spain.

The contract has legal effect in Austria, employment is carried out in Austria, so it is subject to social security contributions to Austrian labour bodies.

Its duration will be determined in the first place by what was agreed with the recruiter, otherwise its duration will be monthly with an automatic renewal that will last the period requested by the client company.

  1. The first month is by default the trial period, during this period each of the 3 parties involved, namely: We, the client company and the employee, have the authority to terminate the contract immediately and without prior notice. 
  2. Non-renewal of the contract by unilateral decision of the employee, notice of 15 calendar days.
  3. Employee resignation, 15 calendar day notice.
  4. Non-renewal of the contract by unilateral or bilateral decision of our company and / or the client company.
  5. Termination by unilateral or bilateral decision of our company and/or the client company.

The transport is carried out by our company up to a limit of 100 euros per trip at the beginning and end of employment. It does not include extras such as adding luggage to an airplane.

Most of the trip is organized by our company, with the exception of short stretches that can be solved by public transport or simply on foot.

The employee, once the itinerary has been received, must ensure that he has everything necessary, such as passport, ID, national driving document, Covid documents… As well as taking responsibility for not losing transportation.

In case of loss of transport due to the fault of the employee, it releases our company from any responsibility for it, gives us the right to claim the cost of the transport organized for him, it will also be grounds for the termination of the employment contract.

They release us from the responsibility of providing transportation to the employee and give us the authority to claim costs already paid in the following scenarios:

  1. Errors caused by employees  with complete loss or additional transportation costs
  2. Cases of termination of the aforementioned contract 1.2. AND 3.
  3. Proximity already existing between the employee and the workplace.


Transportation costs are initially paid by our company, with the possibility of reducing the employee’s payroll for this concept in any of the scenarios or situations described above. (Yes, for example. B  one-way transport is 140 euros, we can  reducethe wage bill by    40 euros)

Transportation between the accommodation provided by our company and the workplace is assumed in cases where the distance between the workplace and the accommodation  is  greater than  2 km.

Accommodation is provided by our company as standard.

It consists of the following minimum elements:

  • Bedroom, max. 2 employees in one room
  • Single bed
  • Access to the bathroom 


Accommodation becomes the responsibility of the employee, in addition to transportation between the employee and the workplace in the following cases:

  • Inappropriate behavior or violation of the basic rules of coexistence
  • Directly and repeatedly violate the rules or policies established by the property
  • Voluntarily refuse the accommodation provided. (Only in this case the employee is entitled to a salary compensation for accommodation in the amount of € 15 / night)


Our company can ask the worker to change accommodation up to 1 time a month if necessary.

The employee is responsible for all damages caused by his fault to the accommodation, the amount of the same can be deducted in the payroll.

The wage is calculated according to the hours worked x the agreed hourly wage

In addition, there are the relevant extras such as night 150% basic salary, overtime 150% basic salary, holiday work 200% basic salary, additional hours (summer, Christmas) 13. Salary (holiday pay)  and  14.Salary (Christmas bonus)

The salary is paid on the  15th of each month for the previous month.

Holidays not taken will be consumed  or paid for at the end of the contract.

Example salary: 166 hours x 10.8 euros gross/hour = 1,792.8 euros gross plus night, overtime, less transport costs, damage to accommodation…

In case of illness justified by a doctor, a reduced salary is received during the illness, however, you must pay the daily price of accommodation every day that passes without being able to work.

Thanks to DM-Service I was able to work for a period of time on a project in the construction sector that really helped me broaden my professional horizons.
DM-Service provided me with a job position after the pandemic left me unemployed. I couldn't be more grateful.
I was fascinated with how rapidly DM-Service was able to help me find a suitable job for me!
For the past 5 years DM-Service has been my go-to partner to find new opportunities in my professional career.


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